Journal CleanWAS is the official journal of International Water, Air & Soil Conservation Society (INWASCON). Journal CleanWAS is an open access product launched to publish selected best quality articles from International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS). CleanWAS is the conference organized every year since 2010 under The International Water, Air and Soil Conservation Society (INWASCON) with joint supports from Malaysian and Chinese Universities.


Geology, Ecology and Landscapes is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes original research papers and state-of-the-art reviews of broad interest on the geology of the tropics and the related ecological changes that forms the base for new landscape formations in tropical regions. Short turn-around times from submission to publication is an important feature of the journal. Equally important to the journal is to stimulate the publication of research that maps, tracks, and assesses the drivers of tropical ecosystem conservation. Geology, Ecology and Landscapes is created to speed up the dissemination of research work and promote discussion between researchers and practitioners around the world — that is, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, methods and results, as well as ensuring high scientific standards. Geology, Ecology and Landscapes is the official journal of International Water, Air and Soil Conservation Society (INWASCON).


The scope of environment and ecosystem science extends from bounded systems such as watersheds to spatially complex landscapes, to the Earth itself, and crosses temporal scales from seconds to millennia. Environment and ecosystem science has strong links to other disciplines including landscape ecology, global ecology, biogeochemistry, aquatic ecology, soil science, hydrology, ecological economics and conservation biology. Studies of ecosystems employ diverse approaches, including theory and modelling, long-term investigations, comparative research and large experiments. Environment and ecosystem science publishes scientific articles dealing with the interface between ecosystems and the natural environment, specifically how ecosystem influences the environment and how changes in that environment impact ecosystems. Preference is given to papers from experimental and observational research at the field, system or landscape level, from studies that enhance our understanding of processes using data-based biophysical modelling, and papers that bridge scientific disciplines and integrate knowledge.


Water Conservation and Efficiency aims to target the developing multidisciplinary areas in sciences and engineering associated with water conservation. The Journal welcomes original contributions that potentially involve multidisciplinary research and considers sustainable management and conservation of water as a valuable resource. Contributions should have relevance and implication on sustainable water conservation practices from individual household to community level, as well as from regional, national and international scales. Contributors may emphasize any of the aforesaid aspects of water conservation. Manuscripts that report only laboratory works without in-depth discussion and implications on improving water conservation practices will not be included for publication in the journal.


The magazine for water air & soil conservation. Featuring news and articles about the diverse spectrum of work in which our members engage and the regulatory and topical issues affecting them. It is also distributed to politicians, industry leaders and public audiences with environmental concerns and is available at all INWASCON conferences, seminars & symposia and various industry exhibitions.

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