The name and logo should be used by sections, regional councils and student chapters for promoting and communicating all official INWASCON Operations. The aim of this policy is to safeguard the strong brand image and reputation that we have built over time, and we have provided very clear direction on members’ and sections’ use of the INWASCON name and logo in connection with non-INWASCON events.


Use of The International Water, Air & Soil Conservation Society INWASCON name (including the acronym INWASCON) and the official INWASCON International logo depicted at the top of this page are governed by this policy and the Graphics Standard Guide. This policy additionally pertains to all corporate subsidiaries of INWASCON as well as INWASCON sections and chapters. Unauthorized use of INWASCON’s name and/or any of its trademarks is subject to legal action.

  • Graphic Standards
  • The International Water, Air & Soil Conservation Society INWASCON Graphic Standards Guide governs the appearance of the INWASCON logo, and provides detailed guidelines on the correct usage of the INWASCON logo, colors, typography, and other elements used in the design of printed materials and web pages.
  • Correct logo usage will enhance and project a long-term visual identity for INWASCON that will have a powerful impact on how we are viewed by our members and the public. These Graphic Standards will also safeguard the name recognition and professional image that INWASCON has built over time.
  • The guidelines provide INWASCON sections, student chapters, and regional/national councils the flexibility to design a print or web publication that is unique to your program, yet is readily identifiable as a part of the INWASCON family.
  • This Graphic Standards Guide applies to anything bearing the INWASCON name—publications, brochures, advertisements, promotional items, and web pages. Please contact INWASCON Marketing with questions about whether your use of the logo and other branding elements complies with the guidelines.
  • Section Website Guidelines

INWASCON geographic section websites play an important role in communicating with INWASCON members. These guidelines are intended to assist geographic sections in the effective operation of their websites and to make members aware of relevant INWASCON policies and practices. A geographic section planning to develop a website for the first time, or to revise a current website, may find it helpful to examine other geographic section websites for ideas about what kind of information to include.