Patron Message

The global challenges that are characterized by:

Climatic change, shrinking biodiversity, increasing rural and urban wastes, air and water pollution and accelerated consumption of non renewable resources require complex but sustainable solutions that are technically feasible, economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially acceptable. These challenges require approaches that will integrate multiple sources and numerous impacts to impart on land, water and air resources in an interaction that produces food and supports life on the planet in a sustainable manner. Development is a board term used for positive change in society. This term includes natural and human resource development and poverty eradication among rural communities. The dream of sustainability and development in society is not possible when its forests are not conserved, wildlife is not protected and natural resource management is not ensured. We have to ensure ecological sound development and poverty eradication in the area by enhancing skills to the unemployed and youth segments of the area and through awareness campaigns.

Our traditional farming and livestock sectors need to be reformed in scientific lines while our new generation is going away from cultural and religious values day by day. Recreational activities and restoration of cultural norms can review by renovated initiatives which would be an adding to elegant for above mentioned prevailing issues. A sound mind can think and contribute in positive functioning of society and also can contribute more being an active member of the society. Hence educational and health facilities are mandatory for children, women and men. Awareness raising campaigns through training and conducting health and educational awareness in community would contribute to achieve the mission of INWASCON.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar