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The International Water, Air and Soil Conservation (INWASCON) is an international in scope, membership, and objectives, functioning as an international body to promote research, education, conservation, and communication for Water, Air & Soil. Membership to the INWASCON provides a worldwide community of researchers, students, and educators, interested in water, air & soil conservation.

We, the concerned conservationists locally and internationally. DEDICATED to promoting the conservation of water, air & soil in Malaysia and oversea.

  20 April 2017: Volunteers & Students are invited for free memebrship INWASCON for the year 2017

18 March 2017: INWASCON Magazine (iMAG) call for papers for articles, news reports, events reports, blogs for the next issue 2017.

12 March: 2017: Dr Mohd Armi Abu Samah, International Islamic University (IIUM) has been appointed as Editor in Chief for INWASCON Magazine (iMAG)


Date: 24-26 August 2018
Venue:  Bali International Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia

  • International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS)
  • International Conference on Geology, Ecology & Landscapes (ICOGEL)
  • International Conference on Water Conservation & Environmental Management (WC  EM)


Journal Clean WAS
Editor: Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Yunus
Online ISSN : 2521-0513
Print ISSN : 2521-0912
2 Issues per year

Geology, Ecology & Landscapes
Editor: Prof. Dr Zhou Qixing
Online ISSN : 2474-9508
4 Issues per year

Environment & Ecosystem Science
Editor: Dr Marlia Mohd Hanfiah
Online ISSN : 2521-0483
Print ISSN : 2521-0882
2 Issues per year

Water Conservation & Management
Editor: Dr. Maliha Sarfraz
Online ISSN 2523-5672
Print ISSN 2523-5664
2 Issues per year

Editor in Chief: Dr Ahmed H. A. Dabwan
Online ISSN
Print ISSN
1 Issue per year