The SEMRG Research Group will be organizing a 3-day training workshops providing a basic understanding of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a comprehensive assessment and a holistic approach that can provide relative and accurate information to be applied in environmental management. LCA can be used to evaluate environmental impacts associated with a product’s life cycle from cradle-to-grave including raw material extraction, transportation, materials processing and manufacturing, distribution, use, maintenance and disposal by identifying the energy, materials used and emissions released to the environment. LCA can help users to make more informed decision and provide a better understanding of the potential impacts of product development on human health and ecosystem quality. The potential impacts can be modeled using Simapro Software. SimaPro is a tool that has been developed to help in gathering the facts and use the LCA expertise to provide the insights needed to create sustainable value.


Therefore, the aim of the workshop is to provide exposure on how to conduct life cycle assessment analysis and to enhance the understanding of green technology application by the industry. The training on SimaPro will help students and researchers to learn and develop skills in using the software.


Shabbir H. Gheewala

Professor Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), KMUTT, Thailand

Koichi Shobatake

Director TCO2 Co. Ltd, Japan

Madatheri Rajesh

Chief Executive Officer Hybrid Green Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Marlia Mohd Hanafiah

LCA Professional, UKM, Malaysia