INWASCON recognizes to maintain the integrity, high quality, and unbiased information in all forms of written and oral presentations at any INWASCON event including, but not limited to, conferences, symposia, workshops, summits, or forums, overt commercialism is prohibited outside of the commercial exhibit areas.

Items deemed to be commercial in nature will not be allowed or disseminated. This includes, but is not limited to, Conference Proceedings, presentations, Journals, and promotional material.

Use of the following will be carefully scrutinized during evaluation and presentation and could result in being withdrawn from the program:

  • Generic descriptions should replace commercial trade names or trademarked materials
  • Company logos allowed on title and closing slide only
  • Text which is overtly commercial in tone or intent within paper titles, presentation slides, text, tables, figures, animation, audio, and video is prohibited

Repeated violations of this policy may result in the speaker and/or moderator being barred from participating in future INWASCON event programs.