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Rainwater Harvesting System (MyRAWAS): Towards Sustainable Water Management in UKM

A rainwater harvesting system is a method of collecting rainwater from man-made surfaces such as rooftops and constructed surfaces and can be used for various sectors including household, agricultural and commercial. This collection system is feasible and educational way to reduce potable water use. Rainwater harvesting can be an effective way to supplement water supplies for domestic uses. The objectives of this study are to measure the water quality parameters, determine the minimum rainfall rate on the college’s rooftop that needs to be isolated prior the harvesting, design the rainwater harvesting system and investigate the need for treatment for the harvested rainwater. The latter part focuses on student involvement on capacity building of different categories and levels, such as physical development, training and upgrading skills, motivation and awareness. The research methodology involved assessing the harvested rainwater quality, determining the best treatment for the harvested rainwater and designing rainwater harvested system for Ungku Omar residential colleges, UKM. A method of rainwater collection and storage for Ungku Omar residential colleges, UKM could help to alleviate the water shortage problem and spread awareness of water conservation to university’s students. Besides developing a rainwater harvesting system, this study also provides community services designed to encourage and motivate university’s students to take more responsibility and engage in environmental protection activities.

Keywords: rain harvesting system; water shortage; water crisis; sustainable water management

Environmental Sustainability Awareness Program (MyKAS)

MyKAS was launched by Y.B Dato’ Dr. Awaludin Bin Said (Speaker of Negeri Sembilan State) on 27th September 2016 in Rembau Negeri Sembilan. This program was fully funded by the Negeri Sembilan State and partly supported by the Faculty of Science and Technology (UKM), Felda Global Venture Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Nature Society and other private organizations. A total of 470 students of primary and secondary schools around Rembau District participated in this program.