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Education Council (EC)

The Education Council is the component of the International Water, Air & Soil Conservation
Society that is responsible for education and training programs.
It produces and promotes programs and activities in education and training. The goal of its
programming is to encourage adequate human resources in the fields of air and waste
management, improve the knowledge and skills of members and the public, and exchange
information to improve environmental knowledge and decisions.

Primarily, this Council:

  • develops and delivers professional development programs on leading-edge topics within the
    realm of air and waste management such as webinars and courses.
  • develops and delivers materials used to educate members, other environmental management
    professionals, the media, educators, and the general public about environmental issues

All Association members with interest in education and training are encouraged to participate in
its activities by joining the committees of the Council.

Committee Members

Professional Development Division

Rosnah Binti Hai Baharom

Vice Chair:
Siti Ramlah Binti Ahmad

The Professional Development Division of the Education Council has as its primary focus the
continuing education and training of environmental professionals.

Continuing Education Committee

Mohd Zaki Bin Nur Din

This committee develops guidelines for and oversees the progress of the continuing education
program including course selection.

Webinar Committee

Safiah Yusmah Binti Arhan

Vice Chair:
Nurliyana Sulaiman

This committee promotes information through webinars on environmental issues and facilitates
information exchange.

The Committee for the Professional Development of Women

Florence Tang Yi Yuan

The mission of the Committee is to draw upon the unique perspectives and talents of women, to
encourage women’s participation and involvement in the environmental profession, to mentor
women in the profession, and to further the goals of the Society. The committee is open to any
member of the Society who is willing to participate in its activities. All members are welcome to
attend the Committee’s annual program and luncheon at INWASCON’s Annual Conference.

Higher Education Division

Nur Naqibah Anieyah

Vice Chair:
Jeaner Lyea Jaochim

One of the key objectives of the Higher Education Division is to promote academic activities that
will ensure an adequate pool of competent environmental professionals for the future. This
Division focuses on assisting students with personal environmental career tracks.

Scholarship Awards Committee

Nur Amirah Binti Hasnin

Vice Chair:
Nur Faezah Binti Mohd Anas

This committee develops guidelines and criteria for the scholarship awards program and
recommends to the Board of Directors candidates for the annual scholarship program.

University/College Education Committee

Thong Hui Lin

Vice Chair:

This committee provides a forum that integrates and implements college and university related
activities with the fields of air and waste management. Additionally, this committee fosters the
professional development of student members and enhances the role of Student Chapters of the
Association through the sponsorship of a student program at the Annual Conference, a student
paper/poster contest, development of student activities, and the facilitation of communication
between Chapters.

Scholarship Campaign Committee


Vice Chair:

The mission of the Scholarship Campaign Committee is to solicit support for INWASCON’s
Scholarship Endowment Trust Fund in order to ensure continued financial support to students in
pursuit of advanced degrees dealing directly with environmental courses of study or issues.

Public Education Division

Yapp Ching Yii

Vice Chair:
Rati Anak Agong

The Public Education Division has a dual focus:

(1) To develop and provide public education
programs and materials on environmental issues.

(2) To provide outreach opportunities for
members to become actively involved in environmental education efforts.

Environmental Education T-10 Committee

Siti Hajar Binti Asmuran

Vice Chair:
Teo Long Xuan

The Environmental Education T-10 Committee develops environmental education curriculum,
develops programs to market and distribute T-10 environmental education curriculum and
programs, encourages teacher training workshops, and coordinates other child environmental

Public Information Committee

Nursharrina Binti Yunus

The Public Information Committee; develops and oversees the distribution of quality technical
programs and information directed toward the general public and other specialized audiences.

Malaysian Scouts Committee

Mohd Azri Bin Ramli

Vice Chair:
Sharil Bin Kuru

This committee works with the Boy Scouts to plan INWASCON involvement in the National
Boy Scout of Malaysia.

The Scouts Association of Malaysia

Zainap Binti Din

Vice Chair:
Amir Aljufri