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Best Environmental Research Awards


Environmental Research Awards

The INWASCON’s Research Programme is designed to identify pressures, inform policy and develop solutions to environmental challenges through the provision of strong evidence-based scientific knowledge:

Identifying Pressures: Providing assessments of current environmental status and future trends to identify pressures on our environment.

Informing Policy: Generating evidence, reviewing practices and building models to inform policy development and implementation.

Developing Solutions: Using novel technologies and methods that address environmental challenges and provide green economy opportunities

The Environmental Research Awards recognize outstanding innovation that has improved upon – or extended beyond – current expectations of best practice. The Award aims to celebrate individual excellence in innovation.

Selection Procedure and Criteria 

Stage 1: Assessment of submissions

  • Entries should provide clear answers and convincing evidence in response to the questions on the entry form.
  • The best candidates will be shortlisted and invited to give presentations to the Judging Panel for a final judgement. Candidates failing to give presentations will be disqualified.

Stage 2: Assessment of presentations

Key assessment criteria for judging the described innovation:

  • Originality.
  • Improvement in best practice.
  • Significant benefits or impacts.

Award Nomination
C-3A-15 Centrio, Pantai Hillpark
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Selection Process: Nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and forwarded with recommendation to the full Board of Directors.

Questions: Please contact Yusnani, Coordinator, Honors and Awards, by calling +60327332657 or emailing yusnani@inwascon.org.my.

NOTE: Email subject line must read AWARDS.